BABE LASH Essential Serum

Babe Lash

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Why You'll Love It
  • We love our mascara but sometimes we dream of a day where our lashes look full, long, and beautiful, even when we forget to apply. This award-winning serum may just be our dream come true.
  • It works to get your lashes thicker, healthier, and less prone to breakage in just 4-12 weeks.
  • Sparse brows? It also works on those babies to help them grow.
  • It’s safe to use while you’re wearing lash extensions—the formula will still work without breaking the glue bonds.
About The Brand

BABE LASH is a luxury eye cosmetic brand committed to showing every woman the beauty of her natural eyelashes. All BABE LASH cosmetics are formulated with ingredients that deliver longer-looking lashes with daily use.